Schedule of the activity
  • Saturday AM
  • Saturday PM
  • Sunday AM
Location of the activity
Base camp
Meeting point
Main marquee
Duration of the activity
Equipment required
Technical level
Intensity of activity
Skills required
Technical workshop
Technical workshop
Technical workshop

Introduction to the long hike

Preparing for autonomy in the open air!  

The preparation that comes with independent experiences can seem overwhelming, even for more experienced people. Through this workshop you will have the chance to explore the preparatory elements and techniques needed to help you experience the best outdoors!

As they say: there's no such thing as bad weather when you know how to dress well. For the novice or the more seasoned, we review all the tips and recommendations that will help you choose the clothes and equipment best suited to your needs to be outside, no matter what Mother Nature's mood.  

A key point of the long activities is food! Designing a tasty menu, different approaches to eating well when carrying our food independently and tasting different foods will also be on the agenda. The goal of this workshop is to break down the necessary preparations and to share resources and advice in order to leave with full confidence, whether for 2-3 days or for 10-12...