What to do on my weekend?

Trail running and hiking

For a detailed map of the areas, download the free Ondago application and map of the Bras-du-Nord Valley onto your phone.

1 - Cantin reception (directly from the assembly site)

At the Festival Gate - Montagn'art Trail

No need to take the car, the trail starts from the festival gathering site. The Montagn'Art loop is a very interesting physical challenge. The trail goes up and down through several types of forest with small waterfalls and streams. You will even be able to see the gathering site from above!

2 - Shannahan Home

For the crinqué(e)s - Sentier des Falaises

The steady ascent, punctuated by stone steps, guides the hiker to breathtaking views. Delaney Falls offers a silent spectacle on the other side of the valley.

The Classic - Bras-du-Nord Trail

By far the Valley's classic, this short and very accessible trail follows the river in its entirety to Delaney Falls. For those who would like to go longer, check out the loop option.

To see all the trails available at the Shannahan Welcome Center, visit the Bras du Nord Valley website:

Visit the VBN website
Mountain bike | Gravel

Your admission to the festival gives you access to the Saint-Raymond (Mont Laura) and Shannahan bike areas.

1 - Saint-Raymond sector

Our favorite - Jolies Jaëlle

This downhill track is a favorite of many. Filled with berms and bumps, this track is the definition of rolling.

For jumpers - La Tablerone

This jumping track stands out for its quality, but also for the atmosphere created by the course. It's your turn to try!

2 - Shannahan Home

The Classics - Maple Butter

Its name describes it well, it is a pure delight. Filled with beautiful turns and very rolling, it is appreciated by all.

Classics - Neilson South

This trail will satisfy the experts. Very technical, the southern section of the Neilson Trail is a little shorter and less difficult than the northern section, but just as beautiful.

3 - Batiscan-Neilson ZEC

For explorers

Access to the ZEC is free for bikes and there are many dirt roads to explore for gravel bike enthusiasts. It is possible to do a 60km loop starting from the festival's gathering site, via the chemin de la Rivière Mauvaise and return via the rang Saguenay.

4 - Jacques-Cartier Bike Path

A classic in the region, this stone dust bike path can take you very far.

Rock climbing

1 - The big cap

For the more adventurous

The rock is a gneiss of extraordinary quality with long dihedrals and beautiful crack systems. In places without cracks, the faces offer a lot of natural relief. The routes are almost all traditional climbing and generally clean and technical.

Important: You will have to park inside the Batiscan-Neilson ZEC to access the wall, for a fee. You must also be a member of the FQME to access the site. For more information, visit the FQME website.

Visit the FQME website

2 - Long Lake

For all tastes

A Quebec jewel for climbing! An enchanting site with the river as a backdrop. You can do traditional, sport and bouldering climbing.

Important: You must be a member of the FQME to access the site. For more information, visit the FQME website.

Visit the FQME website

3 - Sanatorium

For the more advanced

The Sanatorium, or Sanat to its friends, is an overhanging cliff known for its technical and difficult sport lines. There are 2 sectors: the Sanatorium and the West Wing. There are about 30 routes on a very textured rock that leaves the climber sometimes perplexed, sometimes discouraged, but often "moved" by the quality of the movements it imposes.

Important: You must park inside the Batiscan-Neilson ZEC to access the wall, for a fee. You must also be a member of the FQME to access the site. For more information, visit the FQME website.

Visit the FQME website

Climbing at Lac Long - presented by Délire Escalade

Discover one of the most beautiful cliffs in Quebec for rock climbing! With its 30 sport routes and over 80 trad routes, Lac Long is located in an enchanting setting and offers projects for all levels. Members of the DÉLIRE team will be on site to share their passion and climb with you. Participating climbers must be totally autonomous in their climbing.

This gathering of climbers will allow you to discover (or rediscover!) this much-loved site.

Weather permitting, the activity may end in the river!

‍IMPORTANT: For this activity, you must bring your own equipment and will be responsible for your transportation (by car) to Long Lake.

  • When: Saturday, September 16 from 10am to 2pm
  • Location of the activity: Climbing site of the Long Lake
  • Starting point: crossroads sector
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Canoe - Kayak - SUP

1 - Bras du Nord River - (Shannahan home)

Descent of river in calm high

This is a calm course, but a current will help you down the river. You will find wild landscapes of a contemplative beauty, fine sandy beaches and multiple meanders.

Attention! You have to plan your own shuttle back.

2 - Jacques Cartier River - Pont-Rouge section

A rite of passage

The Pont-Rouge section, in Donnacona, is one of the great classics in Quebec. It can be paddled at all water levels depending on the experience of the paddler. It is a surfing paradise.

3 - Discovering Lake Sept-Îles - Camp Portneuf

For all tastes

With your admission, you will have access to the enchanting site of Camp Portneuf and Lake Sept-Îles. It is an ideal place for canoeing, kayaking or SUP.


Touring with the Taiga Board gang

Discover Lac-Sept-Îles with Team Taiga! During this outing, you will learn a little more about this aspect of the sport that is hiking (or touring in good French). You will learn how to prepare yourself, how to carry your equipment and how to transport it. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy a great time on the water!

‍IMPORTANT: For this activity, you must bring your own board and will be responsible for your transportation (by car) to Camp Portneuf.

  • When: Saturday, September 16 at 9:30 am
  • Location of the activity: Camp Portneuf
  • Starting point : Near the lake
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What to do at the staging site?


Bring your climbing shoes and chalk. Our climbing wall will be on site with over fifteen problems for all levels.

We're pretty excited to announce that a brand-new bouldering wall will be available at NORR this year! The climbing surface is now 2x bigger and there will be more boulders for all levels!

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Pumptrack circuit

Come test your skills on our mobile pumptrack! You can bring your own rolling equipment (bike, BMX, skateboard, scooter). Helmet is mandatory.

Slackline park

The slackline park is back again this year. How many round trips do you make?

Camp games

When you say outdoor festival, you say camp games! We promise you fun and laughter with friends.

Hiking and trail running

The beautiful Montagn'Art trail is accessible directly from the meeting site for all those who wish to do a short hike or a trail run.

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