Sustainability plan

The NORR Festival is committed to the environment and strives to implement concrete measures to reduce its ecological impact.

Measures implemented in 2024
  • Ensure proper waste and recycling management at the gathering site and at registration
  • Introduce a composting system to better manage organic materials and reduce the amount of waste produced
  • Ask participants to bring reusable dishes and introduce a dishwashing system after each meal
  • Serve alcoholic beverages in reusable glasses
  • Provide a shuttle system to transport festival-goers to the different activity sites
  • Have the risk acceptance form signed online rather than printing paper versions
  • Distribute tickets electronically and not by post
  • Prioritise the rental of local equipment to reduce the festival's carbon footprint
  • Encourage collective transport and carpooling between participants

Waste management

NORR implements concrete measures to reduce the amount of waste produced at the festival. A waste sorting system has been put in place; compost, recycling and waste are treated separately and appropriately.

Awareness raising

Raising awareness among our festival-goers about the importance of practicing sustainable tourism and caring for the environment is also at the heart of our objectives. The "Leave-No-trace" values are conveyed by our coaches in several of the workshops given at the event.

Reducing waste at source

NORR takes various measures to reduce the amount of waste produced during the event. Water bottle filling stations are set up at several points on site, a dishwashing station is available to festival-goers after meals, and festival tickets are only sent out electronically.

Development of the territory and promotion of healthy lifestyles

The event promotes a healthy and active lifestyle throughout its range of activities. Festival-goers have the chance to learn about many outdoor sports during their weekend and it is a great opportunity for them to discover something new.

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