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  • Saturday PM
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1 Challenge: 650 km, 41 days for 4 causes

In the summer of 2022, Stéphane has set himself the challenge of crossing the GR-A1 of the International Appalachian Trail, the 650 km long Gaspé trail linking Matapédia to Cap Gaspé. A physical education teacher for 13 years and a top-level athlete, he was mainly involved in soccer for almost 30 years. His life was turned upside down in the winter of 2017 by a misadventure in western Canada. Following severe frostbite, he underwent two amputations, the right leg and the toes of the left foot. After almost a year of hospitalization and rehabilitation, Stéphane is back teaching and discovering new activities and sports. A sportsman, adventurer and traveler at heart, this misadventure hasn't stopped him from biting into life. With his strength of character, he was able to pick himself up and keep moving forward. He began to share his life experience before and after this misadventure, addressing different themes including perseverance, resilience and gratitude. Now, Stéphane, a.k.a. Phoenix_Aventurier, is on a mission to enjoy life and share what he has learned from it.

"Mistakes are excellent learning opportunities!" Jane Nelsen