Schedule of the activity
  • Saturday PM
Location of the activity
Base camp
Meeting point
Main marquee
Duration of the activity
Equipment required
Technical level
Intensity of activity
Skills required
Technical workshop
Technical workshop
Technical workshop

Discover astronomy and the art of capturing the starry sky

In the forest, far from city lights, the sky is majestic, but what are we looking at? If we're ever lost in the forest without a compass, how do we find our way?

You don't need to have any special skills or sophisticated equipment to contemplate the wonders of the sky. In this lecture, we'll explore the basics of sky observation, enabling you to get your bearings. You'll also discover the tools you need to spot celestial objects hidden in the firmament. Enrich your discussions around the fire with fascinating anecdotes you've learned.Have you ever seen photos of the starry sky and wondered if it's possible to take similar photos with your camera or even your cell phone? Come and learn how to photograph a celestial landscape with Zenderfull.

About me:
Hello, this is Samer from Zenderfull, am a self-taught photographer specializing in capturing celestial landscapes. I combine my passion for astronomy and the outdoors with my expertise in photography to create unforgettable guided outings under starry skies.

I'm Lebanese-Canadian, and since arriving in Montreal in 2016, I've been scouring Quebec in search of the most propitious locations to bring you along with me to capture dazzling images of the starry sky including the Milky Way and the Northern Lights. Zenderfull is a compound word that means Zen & Wonderful, and it's the feeling I get when I'm outside observing the magic of the stars...