Schedule of the activity
  • Saturday AM
  • Saturday PM
  • Sunday AM
Location of the activity
Shannahan Home
Meeting point
Shuttle departures - Shuttle A
Duration of the activity
Equipment required
  • Swimming costume
  • Hiking shoes that will get wet
  • Fleece jacket or warm jumper (avoid cotton)
  • Towel
  • Personal neoprene suit (INCLUDED)
Technical level
Intensity of activity
Skills required

 Comfortable with heights, good physical condition

Sports activity
Sports activity
Sports activity


If you like adventure, water and rock faces, Easter Island Waterfalls is the perfect place to start. From the Shannahan reception, the 45-minute approach walk takes you over the Bras-du-Nord river bridge, through the yurt village and slowly up to the start of the waterfalls. You'll make four abseiling descents of varying heights (12, 20, 12 and 10 metres) down a stream that juts out into the valley and offers magnificent views. The first two waterfalls are panoramic while the third one will reveal the mystery of Easter Island...