Schedule of the activity
  • Saturday AM
  • Sunday AM
Location of the activity
Base camp
Meeting point
Slackline park
Duration of the activity
Equipment required


Technical level
Intensity of activity
Skills required
Technical workshop
Technical workshop
Technical workshop

Introduction to slackline

This clinic was created for people of all levels. In addition to walking, you will learn to master different postures and transitions on the strap. Depending on your level, variations will be offered so that everyone can practice at the level of intensity that suits them. Each clinic has its own variations to offer! Come play with us and learn or perfect the art of flow! Fun guaranteed!

Come and explore with us:

  • Walking
  • Static postures (yoga and others)
  • Dynamic transitions
  • The cohesion between the movements and the breath
  • Creating a flow
  • The stabilising function and proprioception
  • Flexibility and mobility exercises
  • The pleasure of playing