Schedule of the activity
  • Saturday AM
  • Saturday PM
  • Sunday AM
Location of the activity
Base camp
Meeting point
Main marquee
Duration of the activity
Equipment required
  • Walking shoes
  • Water bottle and backpack
  • Snacks
Technical level
Intensity of activity
Skills required
Sports activity
Sports activity
Sports activity

Hiking - Mindfulness meditation in the open air

Combining nature and adventure intervention (NAI) and mindfulness meditation, the MAÏKANA team offers you a mindfulness hike in the heart of the Vallée Bras du Nord forest. Mindfulness is the non-judgmental practice of paying attention to the present moment, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and the environment. It's about being fully in touch with yourself, others and nature in the present moment. Through the whirlwind of the festival, our speakers invite you to take a moment to recharge your batteries and take some time for yourself, connecting deeply with nature.